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Welcome to the Putting the F in Fun podcast. We're Vicky and Dave and we're about two things...

Adding VALUE    &    Having FUN

We take a fun and irreverent look at different aspects of business and life as well as delivering value and learning.

Oct 14, 2021


As we’ve said, and as you can glean from the title of our podcast, we want to make sure that we have fun and that you get great value from our chats as well as having a bit of a laugh. But how far can we take it? What are the limits of having fun in business? In our first podcast we investigate this and cover such things as:

  • Our hats!
  • Why people should fall out of love with Bad Dave
  • How far can you go without damaging your brand?
  • Stop telling us to be kind!
  • The offence spectrum
  • Getting into the Habito habit
  • Wokery – good or bad?
  • The implicit bias test
  • How to be different and stand out


Harvard implicit bias test:


Vicky is a Chartered Marketer and Branding Consultant at The Brand Surgery, which is celebrating 20 years of brand health in 2022. Vicky is committed to revitalising and rejuvenating brand vitality across the UK though a combination of creative design, brand coaching and corporate social responsibility. She helps business owners keep their brands in tip top shape through accurate diagnosis and bespoke prescriptions and solutions. Vicky recently created a CPD accredited course (22 CPD hours) called ‘Marketing Psychology from the Inside Out’ which has already helped hundreds of students to superpower their personal and business brands. 

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David is known as The Slide Presentation Man. He helps business owners produce better presentations when using slides. This can be anything from selling copies of his book ‘Your Slides Suck!’ through training people in how to produce better visual presentations as well as his main gig which is designing and producing engaging, compelling and effective presentations.

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