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Welcome to the Putting the F in Fun podcast. We're Vicky and Dave and we're about two things...

Adding VALUE    &    Having FUN

We take a fun and irreverent look at different aspects of business and life as well as delivering value and learning.

Jul 11, 2022


What is inspiration? What inspires you? What inspires us? Oh, and what doesn’t inspire us? (Lots of inspiration in one sentence!)

In this episode we take a look at what motivates and galvanises us, what gets us out of bed in the morning* and also what just gets us down, makes us want to stick our fingers...

May 27, 2022


Apps – we all use them and they’ve become part of our everyday lives. In this episode Vicky and Dave look at the apps that they like (and dislike) both for business and fun. And apps they’d like to see created.

So, here’s were we perambulated in this episode:

  • Bumping into the Blue Tits
  • Zooming on...

Apr 28, 2022


When you get out of your comfort zone, great things can happen (except if you jump off a pier dressed as a naughty nurse!) We get out of our fur-lined ruts in this episode by recording a completely unscripted podcast. What could possibly go wrong (not a lot as it happens!)

So, what did we chat about…

  • What...

Jan 19, 2022


It’s an age-old phrase: The customer is always right. But is it true? And what can you do about it when they’re not? In this podcast we discuss the awkward subject of when the customer is wrong. We explore customer relationships and how to have a healthy rapport even if you’re meeting through...